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About Us:

At Tarabot Security, we believe there is a better way to do security. We create client centered, completely tailored solutions.
Tarabot Security is a 100% Libyan-owned and fully licensed security company with its head corporate office located in Tripoli, and a branch in Misurata. Our management team is led by highly-experienced leaders in the field who have established and continue to maintain our uncompromising standards. Supported by our international security consultants, our local leaders have unrivalled knowledge of the environment and hands-on experience operating in Libya.

Our extensive network of highly trained, fully vetted Tarabot personnel are able to carry out missions throughout all parts of Libya. With our considerable political and territorial knowledge, we can carefully select the most suitable team for your mission. Our local workforces work in collaboration with our team of exceptionally skilled and experienced international team of security experts.

Our Mission:

Our driving mission is in doing everything possible to expand Libya’s potential through offering the necessary security to do so. By providing robust security solutions that enable safe working environments and a positive impact in the local communities where we serve. Our comprehensive, client centered approach allows us to develop inclusive solutions so that your organization can thrive and fulfill its objectives in Libya.

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Tarabot Security aims to safely facilitate your operations in Libya. Our guidance and complete security solutions are focused on the individual needs of your organization. We serve your endeavors in Libya through our meticulous approach that recognizes and respects your organizational ethos and culture.

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