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Trust the Tarabot professionals to keep your premises secure at all times.

We provide total security solutions for your organisation

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Electronic security solutions We offer complete security solutions including the latest equipment, installation and maintenance, and the highly trained and vetted personnel. Onsite/Remote Monitoring Armed/Unarmed Response CCTV installations Surveillance System Installations & maintenance

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Logistics Our logistics expertise is second to none in all of Libya. Our teams are a diverse mix of local and international professionals with extensive experience in security assessments, contingency planning, and response. With our geographic and cultural knowledge of Libya, your organization can be confident that they have access…

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Accommodation We offer safe accommodations for all types of visitors or staff in Libya that require varying levels of security. From on call assistance to 24/7 accompaniment, we hand pick the right team to serve your organization. We have a range of accommodations to fit your needs all across the…

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